Famous Columbian Expo "Firsts"

Ferris Wheel: Created by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania bridge builder George W. Ferris, the wheel was supported by two 140 foot steel towers, and its 45 foot axle was the largest piece of forged steel at the time in the world. The wheel had a diameter of 250 feet, a circumference of 825 feet, and the maximum height was 264 feet. It was powered by two 1000 horsepower reversible engines, and had 36 wooden cars that could each hold 60 people. On busy days when the ride was full, a band played in one of the cars.

  • Aunt Jemima pancake mix
    Cracker Jack
    Cream of Wheat
    Quaker Oats
    Elongated coins
    Ferris Wheel
    Juicy Fruit gum
    Shredded Wheat
    The hamburger was introduced to the United States (others say it was invented at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis).
    Milton Hershey bought a European exhibitor's chocolate manufacturing equipment and added chocolate products to his caramel manufacturing.
    The United States Post Office Department produced its first Picture postcards.
    First Commemorative stamp set.
    United States Mint offered its first commemorative coins: a quarter and half dollar.